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Product Description

ReviewMind is a tool that allows users to spy on their competitors by analyzing the last 500 customer feedbacks from the App Store based on a specific country.

It uses GPT-3.5 to perform sentiment and SWOT analysis on the feedback, providing insights into what users love and dislike about a competitors app, as well as market gaps that can be exploited.

Use Cases and Applications

You can choose to perform either a sentiment or SWOT analysis based on their specific requirements, gaining a better understanding of user preferences.

Additionally, the tool allows for filtering and sorting of comments to find specific keywords, and enables the export of reports and comments to a markdown file for future reference.

Problems it Solves

ReviewMind solves the problem of time-consuming manual review of user feedback by using AI to quickly analyze and extract insights from large volumes of comments.

It helps businesses understand their competitors strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and provides a way to track customer sentiment efficiently.


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