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Product Description

Jenni is an AI-powered text editor designed to help users write, edit, and cite with confidence.

It is a tool tailored towards academics, boasting features that can save hours on research papers. Trusted by over 3 million academics and utilized by universities and businesses worldwide, Jenni offers functionalities that cater to the needs of researchers and writers.

Use Cases and Applications

Jennis key functionality lies in its ability to consult the latest research and provide in-text citations in various styles such as APA, MLA, IEEE, Chicago, or Harvard.

The AI Autocomplete feature assists in overcoming writers block, while the chat feature allows users to quickly understand and summarize research papers.

Users can also drag and drop PDFs, generate content from their uploaded files, paraphrase text in different tones, and export drafts in different formats like LaTeX, .docx, or HTML.

Furthermore, Jenni offers features like outlining builders, multilingual support, research library management, and real-time assistance for writers.

Problems it Solves

Jenni solves numerous challenges faced by writers and researchers. It streamlines the process of citing research in various formats, automates elements like paraphrasing and content generation, and provides support in overcoming writers block.

Additionally, Jenni helps organize and manage research papers efficiently, offers multilingual support for a diverse user base, and enhances the overall writing and editing experience for users in academia and beyond.


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