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Product Description

Howie is an innovative scheduling assistant that ensures your calendar remains up-to-date and schedules meetings at the right times.

By simply emailing Howie, you can expect immediate action to manage your calendar effectively.

Use Cases and Applications

Howies primary use case is to assist users in organizing their schedules and ensuring that meetings are planned effectively.

By taking immediate action upon receiving an email, Howie aims to reflect the reality of your calendar and facilitate seamless meeting arrangements.

Users can rely on Howie to manage their time efficiently without the need for cumbersome booking links.

Problems it Solves

Howie solves the problem of time management and scheduling by providing a fast and reliable assistant to manage your calendar.

By eliminating the need for manual scheduling and ensuring that meetings happen at the right time, Howie streamlines the process and makes it easier for users to focus on their priorities.

Users no longer have to worry about the hassle of coordinating schedules, thanks to Howies efficient scheduling capabilities.


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