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Product Description

Harness offers a modern software delivery platform that is AI-augmented to simplify the developer experience. Trusted by the worlds largest companies, the platform helps modernize DevOps pipelines, accelerate innovation, improve developer productivity, deliver software securely, optimize cloud costs, and streamline CI/CD pipelines with AI.

Use Cases and Applications

Users can streamline their CI/CD pipelines with AI to build faster, deploy with or without gates, rollback quickly if needed, and enjoy GitOps their way.

The platform also enables users to leverage AI across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), utilize feature flags, automate code hosting, and proactively test applications with chaos engineering.#

Problems it Solves

Harness addresses key problems by offering AI-augmented support, enabling the migration of code repositories from various sources, achieving substantial cost savings on cloud bills, reducing manual interventions, consolidating tools, and focusing on security at every step.

With features like security scans in CI/CD pipelines, vulnerability de-duplication and prioritization, SBOM orchestration, and AI/ML driven vulnerability remediation.


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