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Product Description

Ellipsis is an AI devtool that reviews pull requests and converts GitHub comments into working, tested code. It supports various languages, frameworks, and libraries, providing automated code reviews with thoughtful summaries and easy-to-accept suggestions.

Additionally, Ellipsis can address pull request comments and automate bug fixes and simple changes by opening an issue and assigning it to the tool.

Use Cases and Applications

Ellipsis is designed to help teams ship faster by converting requirements into working, tested code. It functions as a pull-requests-as-a-service tool, generating code and implementing fixes based on comments left on pull requests.

Built for security-conscious teams, Ellipsis ensures data privacy by not storing or training on source code and only committing changes when explicitly requested.

Problems it Solves

Ellipsis aims to streamline the code review process and automate the generation of code based on GitHub interactions. By leveraging AI technology, the tool helps developers address comments, fix bugs, and implement changes quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, Ellipsis prioritizes data security and privacy, offering a secure environment for code processing without storing confidential information.


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