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Product Description

Decipher AI is an error monitoring platform that utilizes AI to analyze runtime data and help users identify, prioritize, and resolve bugs. It provides a comprehensive solution to error monitoring, offering insights into what went wrong, user impact, and how to fix issues quickly.

Use Cases and Applications

Decipher AI automates error monitoring by capturing essential debugging information such as logs, request bodies, and local variables with just a few lines of code.

The platform analyzes session replays and runtime data to provide high-signal alerts and accelerate the debugging process. By leveraging AI to generate summaries of issues and investigate root causes, Decipher AI empowers users to uncover and resolve bugs efficiently.#

Problems it Solves

With Decipher AI, users can streamline their debugging workflow, focusing on resolving important issues with the help of AI analysis. The platform enables fast bug fixing by providing all necessary context in one place, including stack traces, requests, logs, and more.

By offering a setup process that takes only minutes and supporting popular frameworks, Decipher AI simplifies error monitoring and debugging for developers.


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