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Buttermilk is a design subscription service that can save you up to $60,000 per year on design costs by providing access to senior-level designers for a fraction of the price of hiring one full-time. The monthly plan offers flexibility to pause and restart your subscription as needed to ensure you only pay for the design work you require. You can add an unlimited number of design requests to your queue, which will be processed sequentially and delivered as soon as they are completed.

Design Process

All designs are created in Figma, animations in Rive App, and website development in Webflow. Buttermilk ensures customer satisfaction by offering unlimited design revisions until the client is 100% happy with the final product. While the service does not cover certain design types like 3D modeling or intricate packaging, it offers a wide range of design options including logos, brand identities, social media graphics, and more. Clients can pause their subscription once their current design needs are met and resume it when they require more design work, ensuring no portion of the subscription goes unused.

Service Aim

Buttermilk's design service is aimed at clients looking for top-notch, conversion-driven design solutions to enhance their brand or services. The service is adaptable to various design needs, whether it's a website, logo, brand identity, social media graphics, or content strategy. With Buttermilk, you can easily add any design task to your requests and let the experienced designers take care of the rest, helping you achieve your design objectives and move closer to your ultimate vision.


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