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Product Description

Buster is a tool that allows users to connect their databases to LLM applications, enabling the building, monitoring, and deployment of a SQL API trained on the database.

It offers natural language querying capabilities specifically designed for production applications, including mapping semantic concepts, defining schema nuances, and generating training data sets.

Buster integrates with major databases like Postgres, MySQL, Snowflake, and Redshift, enabling users to generate schema documentation, build retrieval, define calculations, and manage access controls easily.

Use Cases and Applications

With Buster, users can fine-tune LLM models to understand database schema nuances, generate synthetic data for training, run evaluations, monitor performance, and rapidly detect and improve accuracy issues.

The tool allows for quick deployment as an API with one click, offering the option to customize UI components with a no-code builder.

Buster is built for enterprise scale, catering to organizations prioritizing performance and security, offering features like read-only access, multi and single tenant access controls, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance, secure credentials storage, and query safety.

Problems it Solves

Buster solves the problem of easily connecting databases to LLM applications, enabling users to build production-ready text-to-SQL APIs, fine-tune models to specific use cases, and achieve high accuracy in query generation.

The tool offers a user-friendly interface, quick setup process, and flexible training options, making it efficient for users to get started and be production-ready in a short amount of time.

Buster ensures data security and compliance with industry standards, providing a reliable solution for organizations of any size and complexity.


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