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Product Description

Botika is an AI-powered tool designed to help fashion retailers create stunning product photos with ease. By using AI-generated models, retailers can cut photo production costs and improve sales by enhancing the quality of their product images.

Use Cases and Applications

Users can upload various types of fashion photos, including different angles and poses, to create high-quality product images without compromising on image quality. Botika also allows for the optimization of photo backgrounds and the transformation of standard studio shots into eye-catching editorial images effortlessly. However, the tool currently only supports on-model images, ensuring hyper-realistic and true-to-reality results.

Problems it Solves

Botika solves the problem of costly photo production by offering a more cost-effective solution through its AI technology. It also helps fashion brands improve the visual appeal of their products, engage with customers more effectively, and increase conversion rates. Additionally, the tool provides a user-friendly way for retailers to enhance their product images and enter new markets with professional-quality photos.


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